Red Legged Seriema

Did you know red legged seriema can run speeds of 15 miles per hour and is one of the few birds to have eye lashes!

It lives between 20 and 25 years. It’s a relatively feisty bird and it’s thought to be related to the crane, but its exact origins are still disputed. In both shape and behaviour, the red-legged seriema resembles the African secretary bird.

It has a very violent way of killing large prey, such as lizards and rodents, picking them up in its bill and repeatedly throwing them at the ground until stunned or dead.

The red-legged seriema also has a very distinctive call that can travel over a mile and is one of the most characteristic sounds of the South American grasslands where it lives. Although the seriema can fly short distances, it prefers to run from predators, but may also lie down if threatened, relying on its neutral colouring to camouflage it.

The main threat to the seriema is conflict with farmers, who often kill them to prevent them from eating crops. However, they have also been tamed by farmers and used to guard livestock from predators like foxes!

Red Legged Seriema