Two New Jaguarundi Cats Arrive at Amazona Zoo


We are very excited to officially announce two brand new residents at our Zoo. Two new Jaguarundi cats have joined our already varied and fascinating selection of South American animals!

We welcome our two Jaguarundi cats, one of the only zoos in the country to house these felines.  They are brother and sister and both six months old.

We have adopted them from a private collection in Cornwall, and our new residents will benefit from a brand new enclosure at Amazona Zoo which features platform levels and hidey holes for the cats to play on and hide in.

Like the rest of the zoo’s animals, the Jaguarundi cats are native to South America. Small, long haired felines with tiny ears, the cats, when fully grown, will be about 3 ½ foot in length. The Jaguarondis are carnivores and eat a selection of meat and fish, including day-old chicks and chicken.

Imogen White, head zookeeper at Amazona Zoo, says “We’re very excited to welcome the Jaguarondis to the Amazona Zoo family. We look forward to them joining us, and hope they’ll settle into their brand new, purpose-built enclosure. We’re sure they’ll become well-loved members of the zoo.”

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