Welcome Back!

We are delighted to announce that we are very excited to welcome you all back! WE ARE OPENING TOMORROW (June 22nd 2020!).

Welcome back!

Our team has been working very hard to ensure that the zoo is safe for all our visitors and we hope, though your experience will be different, it will still be enjoyable.

You will notice that we are only taking bookings in advance. From Monday 22nd June to Wednesday 24th June we are inviting our Annual Members only for our soft opening. This is to get our staff and animals acquainted again with visitors and to thank them for their support.

For your brief information, you will find hygiene stations, a takeaway cafe and there’s one way route around the zoo. We are only taking card payments for the takeaway and gift shop. Due to Government guidelines the indoor and outdoor play areas are closed.

For further information please see our Plan Your Visit page.

We are so happy to be re-opening. Thank you for your support.

It means a huge amount! x

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