A Braziliant zoo!

Cromer, Norfolk

Amazona Zoo in Cromer, Norfolk, is one of the county’s most unique and fun days out where families can discover South American wildlife.

Our small zoo is home to over 200 tropical animals. Come and see our wonderful jaguar, monkeys, snakes, ocelot, pumas, flamingo, tapir and much more. Discover our tropical house with spectacled caiman, green anaconda and leaf cutter ants. Hear the sounds of the Amazon with our noisy Macaws and watch our free roaming Mara around site.

We are committed to helping visitors discover nature and provide education on conservation issues.

Tribal bar

Amazona Zoo, Cromer

Jungle Tumbles

For the under 12’s we have a large, well-equipped, indoor soft play area Jungle Tumbles with slides, ropes, bridges, tunnels and interactive toys, as well as comfortable seating for parents.

Rainforest Springs
Rainforest Springs - outdoor play

Our expansive well-equipped play area, Rainforest Springs includes two large jumping pillows for hours of Braziliant bouncing fun!*

*weather permitting

Amazona Zoo Yurt interior

The Yurt

Our undercover area to escape the rain, indoor picnics, group and school visits. Occasionally used for special events and talks.

Amazona Zoo - Jungle Cafe
Jungle Cafe
Amazona Zoo Gift Shop
Gift Shop
Tribal bar

Introducing Amazona Zoo

The continent of South America comprises 14 countries of which Brazil is the largest, so large that the continent of Australia could fit within its borders. Brazil is home to the largest river system on earth, the mighty Amazon.

The river’s name comes from the local Indian name, Amossona – the destroyer of boats. Travelling 4,000 miles from the Peruvian Andes the river collects over one fifth of the world’s river water on its way to the Atlantic. The river and its tributaries give over 30,000 miles of navigable waterways.

The Amazon river and rainforest, South America

In 1859, 28 years after first leaving England for South America on the voyage of HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species. It was his first observations on the past and present wildlife of South America that were to shape our understanding and appreciation of the wonders of our planet.

The zone of the Amazon River (inspiring our name, Amazona Zoo), is the wettest, largest and most diverse on the planet. It is also the most vulnerable to irrevocable damage by the greed, not the need, of man.

At Amazona Zoo, you will see just a fraction of the richness of South American wildlife. Your visit will help to support desperately needed conservation efforts.

South America
Amazon Parrot
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