The World Zoo Conservation Strategy details the expectations of all progressive collections of exotic species. The responsibility that the strategy places upon zoological collections is enormous and has generated the mission statement of Amazona Zoo. Our Mission: To promote and achieve worldwide conservation for animals and their habitats and work with all conservationists and other zoos towards the goal of full protection of all wild species and their wild homes.

Amazona Zoo has not taken any animals from the wild into care. Primarily the animals at the zoo are from the good breeding programmes of affiliated zoos. The collection at Amazona Zoo will be used to support research in the field and to develop knowledge of the animals and their habitats.

Brazil is so large that the continent of Australia can fit within its borders yet the pace of its wilderness destruction is breathtaking. Annually an area the size of Belgium is being destroyed and with it the homes of indigenous people and a huge cross section of animal and plant life.

Amazona Zoo is the main sponsor of a programme of research into the life of the Titicaca River Frog, an extraordinary amphibian from the lake of Titicaca. The frog is an important food source for local people and its decline is demonstrating that the whole local environment is being degraded. Populations have declined by 80 per cent over the past thirty years and the biggest challenges they face are over-exploitation, destruction of habitat and being prepared either in a soup or in a ‘frog shake’. It is believed they have medicinal properties. We want to raise funds and boost public awareness of the frogs plight.

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